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I Will

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When I was a missionary in Mexico, a mission team came to serve from The Woodlands United Methodist Church. This group of faithful servants conducted a Vacation Bible School in the slums that surrounded our medical clinic. During the week, they presented a drama with team members and puppets, acting out the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand.

The team member playing a disciple went up to the little boy and little girl puppets and asked if they had any food to share with the great mass of people who were there to hear Jesus. The little boy puppet said, “We have two fish and five small loaves that our mother sent for our lunch.” And the little girl puppet said, “This is only enough food for us; it will never be enough to feed others.”

At this time, a 4-year-old boy sitting on the ground watching the story stood up. His name was Juanito. He lived in a small shack made of cardboard and scraps of wood. His parents and baby brother slept on the ground. They had no electricity or running water. They had very little to eat. He wore tattered clothes.

Juanito walked up to the man who was playing the disciple, reached into his pocket and pulled out two pesos. He put them into the man’s hand and in Spanish he said, “I want to help Jesus feed the people.”

In his innocence and with a pure heart, he was willing to give all that he had to help Jesus. He was saying to God, “I will.”

In Acts 1:8, Jesus says, “You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” He meant that we are to serve those around us, those in our state, those in our country and all those He created all over the world.

Today, God still expects the same of you and me. He wants to know who is ready to answer that call by saying, “I will.”

Ready to say I will do whatever I can to further the cause of Christ; I will be who Jesus wants me to be, the kind of person He asks me to be; I will go, do and give so that others come to know Christ, so that I can help those in need, and so that I can relieve their suffering.

Jesus was a living example of what He wants us to be, and to follow in His example, you and I must say, “I will.”

I will serve. I will care. I will show mercy. I will bless others. I will pray for those serving and those being served. I will tell others about Christ and, if I can’t go, I will support those who do. I will give, and in doing so, I will be an example to my children. I will help those in need.

God is calling you. How will you answer Him? Whatever He asks, I hope your answer is “I will.”

This story first originally appeared in The Point, Fall 2013 edition. 

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